Our Investment Process

A personal Investment Manager will work with you to fully understand your circumstances and requirements and will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your portfolio.

Our Investment Process

Deciding on the best investment opportunities requires time, judgement and access to quality research. As an independent firm with its own in-house analysis capability, we can do this efficiently and objectively.

One of our key strengths is direct equity investment. This is an increasingly rare skill and has led to consistent outperformance and lower total costs for our clients.

We use a rigorous screening technique based on strict criteria to identify potential investment opportunities. We then perform an in-depth analysis based on business quality, balance sheet strength, cash flow and growth potential.

This is to ensure that the potential investment represents a secure and sustainable business proposition. The final part of our process is valuation as it is important, wherever possible, to purchase stock trading at a discount rather than at its long-term fair value. Only when an investment has satisfied all aspects of this process will it be considered for inclusion in your investment portfolio.

Balancing Risk and Reward

Historically, stock markets have demonstrated that high risk does not automatically go hand-in-hand with high reward. At Cardale, we aim to help you realise your investment objectives through a combination of suitable asset classes.

Cardale endeavours to balance risk and potential reward to meet your requirements. Each person has their own definition of risk and their approach to it. For some, the return on cash is a suitable benchmark, whereas for others the return of stock market or private investor indices is more relevant. By understanding your objectives, we will build an investment portfolio that reflects your priorities and tolerance to risk.

Measuring Performance

While many money managers benchmark their performance against the major stock market indices, Cardale’s experience is that the majority of private investors and trustees are trying to generate a positive return on their capital.

As a firm we are benchmark aware but not benchmark driven. We do not restrict ourselves to market weightings and are not afraid to hold significant amounts of cash in portfolios for a length of time.

If we believe it is in your best interests to be underweight or overweight in any one asset class or industry group, we will adjust the content of the investment portfolio accordingly.

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