Corporate Investments

Make surplus cash in your business work as hard as possible

If there is surplus cash in a business, it is important to make sure it works as hard as possible to negate the effect inflation will have on its real value over time. It is, of course, important to ensure sufficient, immediately accessible cash resources remain within a business to fund future cash-flow, projects, R&D and so on. For excess cash, there are a number of options available with which to try to generate a return, including the following two examples:

  • Corporate Investment Account – funds are invested in accordance with the owners/director’s attitude to risk across a diversified portfolio of assets.
  • Gilt Portfolio – suitable for short-term time critical investments where capital preservation is of paramount importance.

Besides the obvious potential benefits of achieving capital growth, these solutions are also relatively tax efficient. We think it is vital that business owners/managers seek advice from their company accountant about the merits and potential drawbacks of any of the solutions we might recommend, and we like to work closely with a business’s other professional advisers in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.